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Hanifah Walidah is a teaching artist, workshop facilitator, mentor and public speaker. Alongside using her works of art as tools to educate children and adults in leadership skills and communicating across bridges, her bellowing voice and persona enchants and commands the attention of her varied audiences.    

Below are a list of workshops and speaking topics:


Poet's Guide to the Stage
Commissioned for festivals like the Crime Jazz Festival in Amsterdamn and at institutions such as Oberlin College Hanifah Walidah's workshop A Poet's Guide to the Stage is a unique workshop that exercises and challenges current poetry performance practices. It utilizes theater techniques to promote better use of stage, speech and ensemble work in poetry.

The White Wall Salon

The White Wall Salon is a one-day intensive that utilizes collaboration, critique and visualizations to aid an artist in developing a good idea into a great one. The techniques used in this workshop will give ideas and concepts at their fetal stages, new legs while thickening the skin of the artist towards critique and connecting the dots in a story.


Hanifah Walidah is available for motivational speaking engagements and panel discussion around an assortment of subject matter:

Discussions around topics discussed in her film U People and short 5 Questions (An interview with Ntozake Shange)

Civil Rights Issues
- Taking No Sides: Communicating beyond what you feel is right
- Building community within and without the LGBT community
- Double Conscientiousness: Black, Gay and Neither

DYI Topics
- Off the Record: Developing niche community around your film and music

The Creative Process

- The Open Cypher!: The Feminine Creative Process in Hip Hop
- The White Wall Salon: The Making of Patti

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